So how exactly are the ‘Fallen troops’ heros?

I AM a patroitic ENGLISHMAN. Not British. ENGLISH. If the Welsh waged war with the French. Fuck em… If the Scots declared war on the Finish…. Fuck em. Fuck yes, I support our Army, but conditionally. Before I go on, take a rag head. A fanatic one. They bomb our country, yes. For why? RELIGION? Far more than that. Religion is the excuse that they do it. Politics is what happens. Yes, the daft hairy cunt in a dress is convinced it’s for Allah. He was lied to… As was the clean cut 17 year old child from the UK. WE have gone to another country with the sole intention to what? KILL PEOPLE. Thats your fuckin answer. We defend NOTHING other than what we have taken from them. I have friends that served and friends who’s children suffered over there, but they went there for a reason. To KILL the people who lived there. I aint talking about the raping and pillaging that always comes about. Im talking about kids. Brainwashed into a system that makes them a chess piece in the governments properganda. Kids not of age to understand the politics in war or even given the rights to VOTE for or against it, yet will give all or the rest of their lives to kill or be killed in something they don’t understand. For why? What will we gain from this? When will this end? The “Gulf war” lasted 18 month or so and the result was 0-0. OK, yes. Sadam Hussain was/is/always was a horrible cunt, but so is Tony Blair/John Prescott. These guys have all killed a score of people each… Hussain by his cousin Chemical Ali Hussain and Blair/Prescott by sending Our friends/faimly over there for nothing. What will we gain from this? I tell you… FUCK ALL… Fuck Fuck Fuck all. Will our taxes be less?? Fuck no. If anything MORE to cover the Million, trillion, god-fucking bazillion, spent on warfare and even though we lost (Which we will have) so why? So we can say we killed more home boys on their turf? Thats the big and the small ladies and gentleman. Its numbers. Men, women or children. Seemingly they all pose a threat. We, as a nation, are fucking canibals. The lowest fucking form of human. We do not kill to feed or to defend. We kill for gain and greed. So these people who left the sanctuary of England, a place NOT under the risk of war. They moved, willingly, to a place of combat with the sole purpose to KILL PEOPLE. Thats what the Germans did and look how well they did….
…. Our fallen men are not heros. They defended nothing. A hero saves the day. A hero gets the girl. Our fallen are nothing to our grand scheme. They are men and women who have left broken families. Children without parents, parents with out sons and daughters. For what? Our government is a gang of organised crime. The movers and the shakers. Our fallen troops are discarded weapons in a war on greed. For that, I cannot salute you.


when is it time to admit defeat?

I guess we all feel the pinch, but we all wanna hold on. We are English for sucks sake, but somethings were just made to be fucking broken :o(

This is something that I actually worry about…

Right… Im sure that those of you who know me already understand that this aint gonna be one of them dumb ass things where I worry about the dolphins or worry about those plastic things off a 4 pack of beer getting stuck to a birds neck. Nor do I worry about climate change or stem cell harvesting and the likes. I worry about the things that make REAL people worry and not the things that make people who write articles in the media worry. I am Mr. Down to Earth, Mr. Nitty fucking gritty, Mr. What the fuck is happening here! So anyhoo.. as I ponder long and ponder hard, I worry more. This is a long established and long discussed worry, but a worry that needed help. An outside view and opinion. Something that I rarely ask for, but even perhaps, a little tuition in. So………. the story goes……”When does sex with a mentally crippled vegetable become rape?” Now, I know that the first though is gonna be ‘Scouse man, you’ve just crossed the fucking line dude’.. but seriously.. Hear me out! So I’ve been married almost 6 year now and I remember taking the vows ”for better for worse, in sickness and in health” so, I got thinking, right…. Touch wood (**touches semi erect penis**) what would happen if my lovely wife was in a horrible accident? She ends up in a bit of a bad way and shes one of these people who spend the rest of their life drinking thru a straw and then spending the next 6 hours dribbling it back out their mouths and on themselves… Call me horrible, I dont care. We live in the real world and these things are real life scenarios. So anyhoo, she’s in a metal frame for the rest of her days and “In sickness and in health” I change her clothes when she shats herself, wipe the half digested food from her chin, clean the sticky lollypop juice from her hair, but as I’m lifting her broken ass outta the chair and emptying her bag I see beaver….A womans beaver is still a womans beaver, no matter how mangled the legs. Look at Paul McCartney.. he fucked a weeble! So where is the limit man? You and I both know that if I ask for an answer from her, ‘a consenting adult’ all Im gonna get is a bunch of flapping arms and some fucking drool man. So how does ‘In sickness and in health’ apply? For her.. or for me?!? Its not like shes gonna say no to my advances…. but to be fair.. she aint gonna say ‘Yes, Take me you horrible, dirty, ginger bastard’ So am I meant to do without for the rest of my days or is she meant to put out when I want it?? Either way, its a lose lose situation for her, but a win win one for me. She’ll never get it when she wants it and she’ll will get it when she dont… whereas I’ll get it when I want it, how I want it and where I want it… and I’m fucked if I never want it. This may seem like another of my off the wall, way out there fucking rants… but seriously. Think about it. Its a definate possibility and before she’s a spakka, I wanna know my gounds man. I dont wannt be a rapist in my wifes thoughts, but I’m fucked if I dont get laid cause she forgot the green cross fucking code!!!

Fat kids and Xbox…..

… Leave it to the pros you wholesome little masturabtor.

Subject: COD MW2 review.

Between Glenn ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ Hamilton and You

Kevin ‘Scouse’ Dobson 28 January at 21:22
QUOTE: Modern Warfare® 2 (21:11) – 8/10 – for the people who give it bad reviews u onli dnt like coz ur shit at it go play ur swag little halo gay boys best game on ps3/xbox 360 i would have been happy to pay £100 for it so worth the money intervention just to good were would we all be without infinity ward well done and ftw!

And you have 350 outta 1000 gamerscore?!?? Jog on Knob head. Go put ya pierced tongue in ya mams ass you fat cunt.

28 January at 21:25 Report
says a guy from liverpool has 69 friends and most prob sits on campain all day wankin over the graphics and how would u know i had my tounge pierced looking through my pics u pedofile

Kevin ‘Scouse’ Dobson 28 January at 21:32
nah.. its in ya status you daft cunt.. if You tried to look good you failed badly my chubby little pal. I aint from Liverpool and why would I sit on campain all day when I have all achievements on it already you daft cunt?!?! If I wanted to look at a fat kid on the internet I’m sure it wouldnt be you princess. If you are gonna piss and moan about what people say, then dont go posting shit when it makes you look like a n00b.

28 January at 21:33 Report
how is it m status and shut up ur a pedofile go away

Kevin ‘Scouse’ Dobson 28 January at 21:37
Dude. Why dont you learn how to spell instead of sitting at the back of the class with your chubby little pals sharing a snickers bar. How the fuck could I see your pics if they are set to private/friends only?!?!? If you dont want someone to comment on anything, DONT FUCKING WRITE IT!! Now fuck off to bed, it’s a school night and by the looks of it, you need ALOT of schooling!

28 January at 21:38 Report
err yh i just put them to private u nob jocky coz i dnt wnt pedofiles like u looking on my profile now FUK OF !

Kevin ‘Scouse’ Dobson 28 January at 21:40
hahahahaha… Im gonna screen print all this and post on online to prove the everlasting point that fat cunts can’t spell.

***This was a shortlived battle, as his profile was then set to private and his picture was no longer available. But yes. He was fat!


….Social networking my arse. Once again society has fallen foul to internet takeover. I see that Ashton ‘Dude! Where’s my life’ kutcher has become the proud winner of the Twitter ‘Hall of Twats’ by being the first person to reach 1 million followers. I’m not sure wether Demi Moore is proud or jealous? Its a good job it’s 2009 cause 2000 years ago he’d have been called a messiah with that many followers.
So there are 1 million plus people who are hanging on the edge of their seats just waiting to see what Demi Moore ate for fucking breakfast. You fucking sad cunts.
Also, Twitter has been in the news because some kid “got bored” and decided to make a worm that would repost ‘tweets’. I’m not sure what is the best angle of assault here. The fact he spent the time writing a program to disrupt a site dedicated to spouting shite and not helping him become the next internet fraudster with a 25 figure bank account or the fact he ‘twitters’. Prick.

I still fail to understand how sites like Myspaz, Twatter and Face Butt all declare themselves as ‘social networking’. The way I see it is that you are all UNsociable cunts who sit there, away from the real world and burdens of society, whacking off while Stephen fucking Fry minces on the ‘poop deck’. What ever happened to REAL friends and not just a name with a cunning avatar?

The Human Race…

… Did the Americans lose it?

Jam on toast…

..Must you have it with butter? Choose one OR the other you fat cunts.